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  • 10 年前

    This topic studies the direction will do search of technology take the vector quantification code as the foundation, detects the important phantom whether to encounter revises correct and returns to original state. In recent years because the Internet vigorous development, the Internet and people's daily life then has the inseparable relations. Specially penetrates the network to transmit the material: For example transmits the picture information, the design blueprint in the network and so on, transmits the picture when the network difficultly to guarantee that the chart will not pass through the third party evil intention to revise correct or the destruction, to cause the possible astronomical figures large amount loss, when will therefore apply will need in the secure high phantom transmission, the distinction picture truth, the protection phantom to cause avoid to suffer improper revising correct, as well as will develop a set of effective phantom detection and the restoration way, will be the current quite important goal.

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