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Can Tiger turn the tide in 2011?December 16, 2010Posted by: CNN World Sport Anchor, Don RiddellCNN's World Sport will be broadcasting its predictions for 2011 in upcoming shows between December 31-January 2. In the fourth of a series of preview blogs, Don Riddell takes a look at Tiger Woods' chances of becoming a major force in golf again.When someone dominates a sport, the question is not so much will they win major tournaments, but how many. For the last decade, that has been the question for Tiger Woods every season: will it be one, two, three or all four? The smart money used to be reserved for at least two of those career-defining golf trophies. At his peak, barely anyone else got a look-in. How things have changed.You’d never have thought that a run of top-15 finishes would have been positive for Woods, but such were the depths that the former world number one plumbed in 2010, a run of such results was good news.How could it not be? Shed of his aura of invincibility by a humiliating scandal, Tiger had to suffer the indignity of a missed cut, an 18-over-par performance and ties for 46th and 78th place. He didn’t win anything in 2010. No majors, no tournaments, no skins games, nothing.Will he ever recover the prowess that made him a sporting legend and a global celebrity? Perhaps. But the golfing landscape has shifted so seismically in the last 12 months that the question can no longer be asked in isolation.

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    老虎可以力挽狂瀾於 2011年?






    怎麼可能不?流下了他的光環無敵的醜聞被羞辱,老虎不得不承受的屈辱錯過的一切,一個 18多桿的性能和扎第46和第78的地方。他沒有贏過在2010年。沒有專業,沒有比賽,沒有皮的遊戲,沒有什麼。

    他曾經將恢復實力使他成為一個全球性的體育傳奇人物,名人?也許吧。但是,高爾夫景觀等地震已轉向在過去 12個月,這個問題可以不再被要求在隔離。

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