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亞馬遜河位於南美洲The Amazon River of South America 是世界流量、流域最大的河流It Is the biggest river of basin of world flow 支流最多的河流聆聽The river has the most tributaries 流量達每秒219,000立方米The flow is up to 219,000 cubic meter per second流量比其他三條大河尼羅河、長江、密西西比河的總和還大More than the total of Mississippi, Chang Jiang and Nile combine 佔世界河流流量的20%Account for 20% of the flow of world river流域面積達6,915,000平方公里The basin area is up to 6,915,000 square kilometers佔南美州面積的40%Account for 40% of the area of South America支流數超過1萬5千條the tributaries are counted more than 15,000亞馬遜河也是世界第二長河Amazon is also the second longest river in the world長達6,387公里It is 6,387 kilometers long 當地的植物大部分為水生的紅樹林或是藤蔓植物Local plants are red woods or climing plant of vine where water is raws mostly因為植被幅員遼闊Because the vegetation territory is vast它擔負起全世界1/3氧氣來源的重責大任It bears demanding big letting again of 1 / 3 oxygen source in the whole world獲得了「地球的肺」稱號Get "Earth lung" title在動物方面In animal種類的歧異度高The spending high differently and differently of the kind其中應以食人魚和電鰻最具代表性Among them, should be the most representative with the food mermaid and electric eel據生物學家統計Add up according to the biologist全世界所有生物種類The kind of living beings of all of the whole world有20﹪可以在亞馬遜河流域找到20% can find in Amazon Basin有更多的未知物種持續發現中Has more unknown species to discover continually 以拼音方式閱讀 字典 - 檢視詳細字典名詞 Yangtze以拼音方式閱讀字典 - 檢視詳細字典

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    Located in South America, the Amazon River是世界流量、流域最大的河流is one with the biggest flow amount and area on earth支流最多的河流;it has the most tributaries.流量達每秒219,000立方米Its flow amount is up to 219,000 cubic meters per second流量比其他三條大河尼羅河、長江、密西西比河的總和還大, which is larger than the total of the Nile, Yangtze, and Mississippi River佔世界河流流量的20%and accounts for 20% of the flow amount of world rivers.流域面積達6,915,000平方公里With an flow area up to 6,915,000 square kilometers,

    佔南美州面積的40%it accounts for 40% of area in South America.

    支流數超過1萬5千條The number of its tributaries is over fifteen thousand.亞馬遜河也是世界第二長河The Amazon River is also the second longest River of the world長達6,387公里;it is as long as 6,387 kilometers.當地的植物大部分為水生的紅樹林或是藤蔓植物Its flora mostly includes aquatic mangroves and vines.因為植被幅員遼闊Due to its vastness of vegetated land,它擔負起全世界1/3氧氣來源的重責大任it assumes the great role of producing one-third of oxygen on earth.獲得了「地球的肺」稱號; thus earning the title " Lung of the Earth" for itself.在動物方面As for its fauna,種類的歧異度高the species are highly diversified其中應以食人魚和電鰻最具代表性;among them, piranhas and electric eels are the most typical.據生物學家統計According to statistics from biologists,全世界所有生物種類 among the world's species of living creatures,有20﹪可以在亞馬遜河流域找到twenty percent of them can be found in the Amazon Basin有更多的未知物種持續發現中and still more unknowns waiting to be explored.

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    ; it has the most tributaries改成and with the most tributaries

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