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    10 年前

    我知道我說過瀟灑點, 遊戲人生之類的, 但是

    I know what I say about playing it cool and having fun and all that stuff but

    事實上, 漢娜, 我和你相處得越久, 對你的愛就越深

    truth is, Hannah, the more time I spent with you, the more into you I get

    你有種超凡的能力能把事情, 劃分清楚, 我以前也是那樣的

    you've got this brilliant nack of keeping everything, compound-mentalized, and I used to be like that

    直到我遇見你, 我知道你是世界上最不可思議, 在我生命中發生過最美妙的事

    until I met you, I just think that, I know that you are the most fantastic, beautiful thing that's coming to my life, for as long as I could remember

    而且, 我想看看你的公寓, 也想見見你的朋友, 包括那些瘋瘋癲癲的

    and I want to see inside your flat, and I want to meet your friends even the mad ones

    或許將來, 我甚至還想見你的父母

    and at some point, god forbid, I may want to meet your parents

    但, 痛苦的是, 從我的角度很明顯得能看出來, 你並不想要這些東西

    but, it is painfully obvious from where I'm setting that you, don't want any of that stuff

    如果要我說實話, 我不知道我是否能夠繼續堅持, 這種讓我越陷越深, 越來越尷尬, 而且, 也使你左右為難的處境

    and if I'm honest, I don't know if I want to carry on with something that's gonna get deeper for me, and more and more awkward, and roblematic for you

    終於, 我說出來了

    there you go, I said it

    拜託你, 說點什麼吧

    could you please say something

    Hannah: I love you

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