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Engle 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


請幫我把以下的中文翻成英文 不要google

雖然黑人跟白人在膚色上不同 但不應該有存在著這種歧視偏見 在這部影片中有很多令人感動的地方 原來社會上還是有這麼善良的人能收留一個不認識的人 最後還把他當作自己的小孩 對他付出許多關愛供他吃穿住 替他買新衣服 念故事 圓他想要自己床的夢輔導他的成績 替他安排有前途的運動學校 這些都只為了一個陌生人 這並不是誰有辦法隨便做到的 所以我認為他的愛很偉大

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    Although black with Caucasian in skin color different But should not have this kind of discrimination prejudice Has in the moving place original society in this movie to have the such good person Can give shelter to the human who did not know also him to treat as finally own child Pays to him many shows loving concern lives for his food and clothing for him buys the new clothes to read the story circle he to want oneself bed's dream Counsels his result to arrange for him to have future movement school these only for a stranger This is not who has the means to achieve casually, therefore I thought that his love is very great

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