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The Christmas Gift

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    The Christmas Gift (第一段)

    We'd like to share with you a remarkable Christmas story: one of courage, life, and love. Twenty-five years ago, Ray Anderson, a single parent with a one-year-old son, was returning home after running a few errands Christmas Eve when he witnessed a horrendous accident which took place when the driver of a truck ran a red light and collided with the car of Sandra Jenkins. The impact of the collision killed Sandra instantly, but her three-month-old daughter was left trapped upside down in the burning wreckage seemingly doomed to a fiery tomb. While others looked on in horror, Anderson jumped out of his vehicle and crawled into the car through the shattered rear window to try to free the infant. Seconds later, the car was totally engulfed in flames, but Anderson was miraculously able to pull the baby to safety. While the child came out of the accident virtually unscathed, Anderson suffered third degree burns over 80 percent of his body. Two days later, Anderson died, but his heroic act was published widely in the media. Anderson's son was soon adopted by relative, and the family moved to the East Coast.

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    因為第一段就有3000多字 系統慢慢貼太慢了

    第一段 你點選最上頭[ Quiz Script ] 就會出現文章

    第二段 照做就是

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    參考資料: 你提供的網址=_=
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