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1. 請問 splendid、fabulous、fascinating、sentimental 可以用來形容人嗎?

(意思各是什麼?) 前面兩個單字可以用來形容別人很漂亮嗎?

2. thrilled 和 happy 一樣嗎?

3. persistence 和 perseverance的差別?

4. 對美國人來說, 整數也包含在friction內嗎?

5. 用 eternity 造句

6. 用 fantasy 造句

7. 用refer to 造句

8. goblin 通常是指很醜的那種嘛?

9. 一個句子'' 他在很多領域都很突出'' ,


10.可以介紹insist這個字嗎? 還有例句和片語。

11. 用 noisome 造句

12. 用consult 造句

非常的謝謝你 :)))

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  • 10 年前

    1. 請問 splendid、fabulous、fascinating、sentimental 可以用來形容人嗎? Yes for the first 3.

    (意思各是什麼?) look up from the dictionary 前面兩個單字可以用來形容別人很漂亮嗎? In a way .. You look splendid .. You look fabulous tonight ..多半是真個人漂亮. That is a fascinating handbag you have .. where did you get it ?

    2. thrilled 和 happy 一樣嗎?No. The dictionary will tell you this. lazy bone.

    3. persistence 和 perseverance的差別?早上和早晨的差別是什麼 ? Why focus on looking for differences ? You do not spend your life looking for differences in Chinese ... If you keep on learning English, you will find out where it is better to use persistence or perseverance .. just like 早上和早晨

    4. 對美國人來說, 整數也包含在friction內嗎? fraction. Don't you ever consult a dictionary ? There are many on the web ..This is a math question, having nothing to do with Americans. Integers are numbers too and to understand them one has to deal with fractions too ..

    5. 用 eternity 造句 It takes an eternity to answer your questions.

    6. 用 fantasy 造句 You should be more diligent with dictionaries than living in fantasy

    7. 用refer to 造句 We could have answered some of your questions by referring to the dictionary.

    8. goblin 通常是指很醜的那種嘛? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    9. 一個句子'' 他在很多領域都很突出'' ,

    領域可以用categories嗎,還是有更好的字? Yes you could. However, it is more common to hear --- He excels in many fields of knowledge and commerce.

    10.可以介紹insist這個字嗎? 還有例句和片語。We should insist on your working harder on your learning, such as using dictionaries.

    11. 用 noisome 造句 Shakespeare --- Beatrice. Let me go with that I came, which is, with knowing what hath passed between you and Claudio.

    Benedick. Only foul words; and thereupon I will kiss thee.

    Beatrice. Foul words is but foul wind, and foul wind is but foul breath, and foul breath is noisome; therefore I will depart unkissed.

    12. 用consult 造句 You should consult with your parents about going to a rock concert.

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    10 年前

    lazy bone.



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