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陳小雞 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

可以幫我翻成英文嘛!! 我英文真的太爛了


鋁箔塔杯 12個

烤培紙 2張

雪平鍋 1個

木匙 1支

水果刀 1把

鉆板 1個

篩網 1個

桿麵棍 1支

刷子 1支

橡皮刮刀 1支

我們會以彩色來襯托希望這個主題,是因為現在的社會的人時常因為失敗兒無法抱有希望,就終結自己的寶貴生命,從以我們就常聽人講到,人生中只要有了希望或者夢想,就可以讓人生從黑白走入彩色的,所以我們想以色彩繽紛的點心來帶給任何人希望。1.奶油、鹽、糖與過篩的麵粉拌均後加入蛋汁攪成團(不要過度攪拌),之後 用烤培紙包起來放入冷凍庫20分鐘2.拿出來後分成12等份,1份的圓徑比塔背多1公分,用手將麵糰壓扁推成塔皮, 在底部刺幾個洞放半個小時後在進烤箱烤


4拿雪平鍋將鮮奶、糖一起煮沸後放入(1)一起煮沸 (記的邊拌邊攪) 5.煮至膠狀後離火,放入奶油拌溶後放置旁邊放涼6.把水果切成所需的形狀7.把草莓果醬加水稀釋煮滾後,等成品出來後將果醬刷上放入冰箱即可

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  • 10 年前

    Aluminum foil Tower Cup 12Grilled Pui paper 2Snow Pan 1Wooden spoon 1 PCKitchen 1 toDrill plate 1Screen 11-pole rodsBrush 1 PCRubber scraper 1 PCWe will take color foil to want this theme, because now the people of the community often because failed infants cannot hope to end their own lives, we often heard to say that life as long as there is a hope or dream you can let life from black and white in color, so we want to colourful snack to bring anyone want.1. the cream, salt, sugar and flour mixed sieve surface were subsequently joined together egg sauce (not excessive mixing), afterWith grilled Pui paper covered up in 20 minutes,2. take out into 12 equal parts, 1 part of circle diameter tower more than 1 cm back, with his hand to push the dough into a flattened, TapioIn the bottom with a few holes drop in half an hour in the oven and baked into the3. the corn flour, and flour sifted into steel Bowl mix evenly mixed with egg sauce are4 get snow pan will milk, sugar, put together after boiling (1) with boiled (remember the edge mixed side up)5. Cook until glue after the fire, put into place after dissolving the cream mixed drop cool 6. next to the fruit and cut into the desired shape7. the Strawberry Jam with boiled water dilution, and so the finished product after rolling out after a jam on into the refrigerator brush can

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  • 10 年前

    4 wooden spoon

    5 fruit knife

    9 brush

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