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拜託請問such~as跟such as 和 the same

1.such~as 像~那樣的~

I have never seen such a man as he is.


ex: Such men as he are rare now.


還有such後面可否使用不可數名詞例如 bread money tea等等?2.such as諸如



例如such as a egg/such as eggs????3.the same as/that





These are the same books as I bought yesterday.

This is the same bread as I bought yesterday.

These are the same books that I lost yesterday.

This is the same bread that I lost yesterday.


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  • 10 年前

    'Such as' has nothing to do with numbers. It is difficult to see how you could end up doing so much to associate it with numbers .. It is like saying if we build a oil refinery then it must be painted yellow ..

    Examples :

    Many successful entertainers got their big break-through opportunity from TV shows, such as Kelly Clarkson, xxx, xxx, etc.

    They went on studying various living creatures, such as man, wolf, tiger and monkey.

    It is true that there tend to be more than one examples cited after the 'such as'; and if you are associating that with 'plural', then you may be right. However, that has no grammatical significance. It is simply a result of the context of the sentence or expression.

    2010-12-27 22:31:51 補充:

    Same as --- has nothing to do with numbers either .. It works either way, as you have exemplified yourselves.

    You are trying to marry a monkey to a stone, and studying the result, doing a paper on the off-springs ..

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