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英文口說簡答 EX:你喜歡...??

A person you would like tosee / talk to. Why? 2. A thing you would like to do. Why? 3. A place/ city/ country you would like tovisit. Why? 4. A movie you would like to see. Why? 5. A gift you would like to receive. Why?

請各位大大給我以上題目的回答(不限),大約口說可以一分鐘左右的 謝謝






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    I would like to talk to Jay Cho who is a famous singer in Taiwan.I like his music verymuch.If I have a chance to meet him,I would tell him "I am so proud of you ."2One thing I would like to do is to play the piano,because I am a music lover.3 I would like to visit Hong Kong.It's a great city,a variety of cultures,very fashionableand modern.4 "Seediq Bale".This film`s budget is quite huge,and totally made by Taiwan.5I wish I would receive a PS3.It is the latest product of family video game consoles.

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