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之前用別的網頁跑過出來語詞很怪! 但又不知道如何修改~

所以懇請各位大大幫忙修改這封信!! 非常感謝~


Dear Mr. Peak, Thanks you on November 15 for the incoming letter inquiry product price,we quote price as follows sincerely:We are willing to lengthen the quoted price date of expiry to December 31,2010,hoped that your firm uses.The following is the components quoted price which stops to December 31,2010,take(Sets)as the unit. MP3PEII---1000(Sets)---NT$1,500,000 We are sure that goods will meet with your requirements,and we look forward to your early order. Yours sincerely Signature James Purchases manager

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  • 老登
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    Dear Mr. Peak, Thank you very much for your inquiry on November 15 . we are giving you the prices as below:

    MP3PEII ----1000 sets----NT$1,500,000

    The prices will be good before December 31, 2010. We hope that the goods will meet your requirements, and we look forward to your early order.