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英文翻譯 20點 急 翻譯機免!

A:我想要創業,我該注意甚麼? B:我想創業的基本態度是適合自己、不要放棄、不要氣餒C:我也有這個疑問,我認識創業成功的朋友,我們去詢問她們的意見D:我從事製造業,這行業需注意熟悉商品,品質要穩定並且創新E:我從事服務業,這行業對客人要有熱忱並不放棄任何可以學習的機會F:我從事食品業,這行業絕對不能偷工減料而且必須衛生A:那我明白了,創業最主要的精神就是要愛自己的行業並且尊重他

拜託幫忙翻譯 只要意思跟文法對就好!不一定要一字字翻譯!!

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    10 年前


    What should I pay attention to if I want to start business of my own?


    My personal attitude would be choosing jobs that are suitable for myself,

    never give up, and be frustrated.


    I also have similar question. I know a lot of successful people who are my

    friends and want to ask their opinions.


    I engage in manufacturing industry, which focus on recognizing products.

    The quality must be stable and innovative.


    I engage in service industry, which focus on hospitality and never give up

    any chance to learn.


    I engage in manufacturing food products, which focus on perfect

    ingredients and sanitation.


    Now I have understood that starting business puts emphasis on loving

    one's own industry and pay respect for it.

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  • 10 年前

    A: I want to start, what should I pay attention?

    B: I think the basic attitude is pioneering for yourself, don't give up, don't be discouraged

    C: I also have this question, I know the entrepreneurial success of friends, we went to ask their views

    D: I'm engaged in manufacturing, the industry needs to pay attention to the quality of goods, are familiar with to stabilize and innovation

    E: I engaged in the service industry, the industry should have the guests warmly and not give up any learning opportunities

    F: I worked in the food industry, the industry cannot Jerry-building and health

    A: that I see, the main spirit of entrepreneurship is to love your industry and respect he

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    10 年前

    A: I want to establish a business, but what should I be careful about?

    B: I believe the basics of establishing a business is that it fits you, you won't give up, and is not discouraging.

    C: I had this problem too. I know a friend who have succeeded in starting a business, and I ask her for opinions.

    D: I am working at a manufacturing company. In this field, you need to be familiar with products, good quality, and innovative.

    E: I serve in a service company. This business requires passion to customer and never give up any learning chances.

    F: I work at a food company. We do not allow jerry built and must keep clean sanitary condition.

    A: Now I understand. What makes establishing a business is that you appreciate your working field and respect it.

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