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    這次我們選擇威尼斯是因為他在義大利中是一座代表性的城市,在外也是以水都而聞名,威尼斯也有許多的教堂或是歷史建築,他風景的美麗也揚名於世界,許多人為此慕名而來,也得到了「藝術之都」的異稱,他從前是個貿易的商港,也因為他的繁榮而引來別人覬覦,而我們將藉由這次的報告來帶領大家窺探一下這位「亞得里亞海的女王」的風貌!就讓我們從地理、歷史、文化以及各式景點小吃來開始吧!This time we choose Venice because it is a typical city in Italy. It is well-known for being a waterfront city, which also has many churches or historical sites. Its beautiful scenery is world-renowned, for which many people come to this city; thus it is otherwise named "a Capital of Art". It was previously a trade & commercial harbor attracting people to here for its prosperity. We will use this time of report to guide everyone into her beauty of this "Queen of Adriatic Sea"! Let's start introduction from its geography, history, culture and different snack in its scenic spots.