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心媛 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


1. 在現代社會中,每個人都顯得匆匆忙忙。學生忙功課、上班族忙工作。每個人都忙得忽略了休閒的重要。其實,適當的休閒能使我們放鬆緊張的情緒,有助於健康。因此,在我們應該適度安排生活,在工作、唸書和休閒之間保持平衡。

2. 該怎麼做才能在事業的起步成功?我們沒辦法在事業的起步階段,就判斷一個人是否會成功。不過,成功的企業家都有一些共通的特質。像是,他們都熱愛自己的工作,並且有決心毅力堅持下去。所以,就算工作辛苦又沒有任何立即的回報,他們也能繼續堅持下去。

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  • 9 年前

    1. In the modern society, each people all appear hurriedly.The student busy schoolwork, the office worker work busily.Each people are all busy suddenly

    the leisure unimportance.Actually, the suitable leisure can cause us to relax the tense mood, conducives toward favor the health.Therefore, in us should the suitable arrangement life, in the work, study with the leisure between maintains the balance.

    2. How should do can start successfully at the enterprise? We do not have the means at the enterprise start stage, judges a person whether can, the success entrepreneurs all have had some common special characteristics.Is likely, they all deeply love own work, and has was determined resolute persisted gets down.Therefore, even if works laboriously also does not have any namely repayment, they also can continue to persist gets down.


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