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心媛 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


We are learning everyday and everywhere. We learn from the school and we also learn

from outside the school. Compare different knowledge that is gained from school

education and from personal experiences outside the school. In your opinion, which

type of knowledge is more important? Why?


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  • WInG
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    1 0 年前

    Pros and Cons of studying outside or at school

    Apart from academic knowledge, we can derive virtue from schools. Although virtue seems to be an abstract thing, indeed it can be learned via frequent communication with others. This is also a striking contrast between learning in schools and outsides.

    Besides, knowledge acquired from teachers is relatively reliable and authentic because they are a professional occasion. Teachers of each subject have to reach a certain degree before instructing others and thus we may derive knowledge by asking questions from them. Compare with the others, they have a relative low plausibility as the information are not guaranteed. Some of them may be fake or out-dated. We may thus absorb wrong information if we just follow those wrong data blind. Hence, it is advisable that while you are learning from outside track, ask your present teacher to check the authenticity as well as reliability of that information in order to guarantee ourselves from being misguided.


    2011-01-06 18:36:11 補充:

    除學術知識之外,我們可以從學校獲得美德。 雖然美德似乎是一件抽象事,它可以的確是博學的通过與其他的頻繁通信。 這也是在學會在學校和outsides之間的一個醒目的對比。

    2011-01-06 18:37:02 補充:

    其外,因為他們是一個專業場合,從老師獲取的知識是相對地可靠和地道的。 每個主題的老師必須在指示其他之前到達某一程度,並且我們也許通过问問題因而獲得知識從他們。 因為信息沒有被保證,和其他相比,他們有相對低可行性。 有些也許是假或過時的。 如果我們跟隨那些錯誤數據盲人,我們也許因而吸收錯誤信息。 因此,是適當的,當您從外部軌道时學會,要求您的當前老師檢查真實性並且那信息的可靠性為了保證自己從是引入歧途的。

    2011-01-06 18:37:22 補充:

    Sorry I don't know how to type chinese so I use the transalation website

  • chen
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    1 0 年前

    First of all, I have very respect for expressing your concerns

    . about knowledge and the diligence you learn it. Different study obtaining knowledge must have . the different achievement in our own life. No matter what you might learn English or something else is good . that’s from the in and out school every day and anywhere. In my opinion, the knowledge gained from school education or one’s experience is important and to be absolutely necessary. It’s said that a successful person about the knowledge stems from . all aspects of full learning. 首先,我非常敬佩你 有關知識表達關注,

    . 和你的勤奮學習。在我們自己的生活, 獲得知識的不同學習求知中, 定有不同的成就.

    儘管你學習英語和別的東西, 那一切都是很好的

    . 而這些是來直於每天或任何地方的內外學校.


    人們獲得的經驗 那一定是重要而是絕對必要的。

    有人說,一個成功的人獲得知識 來自各方的全面學習