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CIF,出貨時都有加保險,若有遺失或毁損,進口商可依保險單,向保險公司索賠,通常貨運運輸的保險金額是發票價值再加10%,即110%的發票價值 再由保險公司代去跟航空公司要求償.


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    CIF covers insurance for all shipment. In case of loss or damage, the importer can ask for compensation according to the insurance policy. Generally the insured amount for goods shipped by transportation is the sum indicated on the invoce plus 10%, i.e., 110% of the sum on the invoice. The insurance company will deal with the airline concerned for compensation.

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    定義:CIF是國際商業慣例之一,為COST,INSURANCE,AND FREIGHT(NAMED PROT OF DESTINATION)三個單詞的第一個字母大寫組成,中文意思為成本加保險費加運費(指定目的港),指當貨物在裝運港越過船舷時,(實際為裝運船艙內),賣方即完成交貨。貨物自裝運港到目的港的運費保險費等由賣方支付,但貨物裝船後發生的損壞及滅失的風險由買方承擔。

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    CIF, produces goods when has Canada to insure, if has losing or damages, the importer may depend on the insurance policy, sues for damages to the Insurance company, usually the freight transportation transportation's insurance is the invoice value adds 10% again, namely 110% invoice value go by the Insurance company generation with the Airline to request again to recompense. 翻譯錯誤 ,請勿見怪!

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