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The specification says this system can comply with Windows 2000.


另外says與comply with這兩個各代表何種詞性?

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    The specification says this system can comply with Windows 2000.


    The specification says (that)this system can comply with Windows 2000.

    因為says 後面有that 所以藍色的字是一句完整的子句,This system是主詞

    can 是助動詞、comply 是動詞 with 是介系詞 windows 2000 是名詞。


    1 I like to play video games . <--這句話有兩個動詞,所以中間要加TO


    但是你不能說 2 I like play video games. 這樣兩個動詞就連在一起是錯的文法

    你也可以說3 I like playing video games. 這樣也是ok的。


    He says (that) you are so beautiful. 你看這句話就跟你的例句是一樣的。

    that後面接子句,所以you are so beautiful是句完整的句子。

    但你不能說 He says you so beautiful.這樣是錯的。

    因為 you so beautiful是一個獨立子句,一個完整句子裡 不可以沒有一個



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    The specification says (that)this system can comply with Windows 2000.

    省略that以其引導名詞子句,做says 受詞*****

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    Obviously, 'says' and 'comply with' are the two verbs in this sentence.

    Says would be a normal verb

    Comply with would be a normal verb

    Let's state the types of verbs in English

    Group I Normal VerbsMost verbs are "Normal Verbs." These verbs are usually physical actions which you can see somebody doing. These verbs can be used in all tenses.Normal Verbs (普通型的動詞)to run, to walk, to eat, to fly, to go, to say, to touch, etc.Examples:I eat dinner every day. I am eating dinner now.Group II Non-Continuous Verbs (看不見的動詞)These verbs are usually things you cannot see somebody doing. These verbs are rarely used in continuous tenses. They include:Abstract Verbs (抽象動詞)to be, to want, to cost, to seem, to need, to care, to contain, to owe, to exist...Possession Verbs (擁有動詞)to possess, to own, to belong...Emotion Verbs (情感動詞)to like, to love, to hate, to dislike, to fear, to envy, to mind...Examples:He is needing help now. Not CorrectHe needs help now. CorrectGroup III Mixed Verbs (有多數的意識的動詞)The third group, called "Mixed Verbs," is the smallest group. These verbs have more than one meaning.Mixed Verbsto appear, to feel, to have, to hear, to look, to see, to weigh...List of Mixed Verbs with Examples and Definitions:to appear:Donna appears confused. Non-Continuous Verb (看起來像)Donna seems confused.My favorite singer is appearing at the jazz club tonight. Normal Verb (顯現為/呈現)My favorite singer is giving a performance at the jazz club have:I have a dollar now. Non-Continuous Verb (我有)

    I possess a dollar.I am having fun now. Normal Verb (我正在經歷)

    I am experiencing fun now.Some Verbs Can Be Especially Confusing:to be:Joe is American. Non-Continuous Verb

    Joe is an American citizen.Joe is being very American. Normal Verb

    Joe is behaving like a stereotypical feel:The massage feels great. Non-Continuous Verb

    The massage has a pleasing feeling.I don't feel well today. Sometimes used as Non-Continuous Verb

    I am a little sick.