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    My first dream that I want to have come true is to run a store and act as a storekeeper. I want to run a special ice cream store because adults and children like to eat ice cream. (B).第二我想書,我希望完成的小說能出版,當個業餘作家.

    Second, I want books. I hope that the novels that I write can be published. I hope to act as an amateur novelist. (C)..最後想去歐洲玩,和好友一起去自助旅行

    At last, I hope that I can take a travel to Europe. I want to take a self-service travel with my close friends. (D).當然這需要很多的錢Of course, it takes (needs) a lot of money.

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    The first thing I would like to accompilsh the most is having my own store.

    I want to have a special and unique ice cream store, which not only attracts adults but also children.

    Secondly, I want to study. I hope that I can publish my novels and be a

    amateur writer.

    Finally, I want to take a individual travel with my friends to Europe. Of course,

    it will cost a lot of money.

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