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請英文達人幫忙,謝謝 =]

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  • Paige
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前


    I missed your three phone calls and the other 9 that I missed were called while my cell battery died.



    I did not miss your calls on purpose. I wanted to dial back when I saw missed calls, but every missed phone number's last 2 digits were different, so I did not know which one I should call.


    Due to different last two digits, they made me think of scam phone calls.

    參考資料: Self
  • 1 0 年前

    你有三通我沒接到,I was unable to receive 3 of your phone calls. 有九通未接是我手機沒電時你打的 The other 9 calls were made when my mobile phone was drained of battery power.

    我沒有故意不接,I did not ignore your calls. 我看到未接電話後想打回去,I did try to call you back.

    但是每一通後兩碼都不一樣,所以我也不知道要打哪一個號碼好 However, your call records showed different numbers each time, at least the last 2 digits. I could not figure out which number to return the call.

    每個後兩碼都不一樣真的很像詐騙集團. This different numbers in the last 2 digit is kind of spooky, sounds like one of the telephone scam groups.

  • 1 0 年前

    Do you have links I missed, missed nine through my phone battery died when you hit

    I did not intentionally do not take, after I saw the missed call to fight back,

    After each pass two yards, but not the same, so I do not know which of a number good fight

    Not the same after the two yards each really like scam.聆聽以拼音方式閱讀 字典 - 檢視詳細字典