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急 translate chinese to english

chinese to english thx

我們一開始的動機背景是想以外國觀光客為目標 介紹台灣的夜市美食 並瞭解外國人對台灣夜市的看法 並且介紹台灣各個夜市的特色及不同之處 原本想以比較活潑 多元化的方式 介紹台灣特有的美食文化 進而拓展觀光但是後來發現範圍太廣了 也超出了我們能力範圍所以最後採用折衷方案 就近選擇了以學校的學生為對象並以最近才剛在oo成立的oo夜市為主題 進行消費行為研究.

首先第一個遇到的困難是我們無法找到足夠的外國人進行探訪 加上攝影技巧 現場收音 及幕後製作的能力不足 又擔憂和外國人對話時的口語能力…所以此方案宣告失敗再來是預算問題 無法每個夜市都實地去造訪研究、最諷刺也最困難的部份是無法全體組員聚在一起….使得分工有極大的不平衡 影片方面原本打算像fun Taiwan那樣拍成紀錄片 但礙於電腦能力不足 最後以照片方式呈現 使問卷結果帶入影像 更能讓人留下印象 我們會擇以學校學生為調查對象是因為 第一距離方便

第二比較沒有認知上的差異 第三 溝通上比起外國人來說比較沒有阻礙 至於會選擇oo夜市為主題 是因為 這是新成立的夜市 以往應該還沒有人做過此夜市的專題研究 相對的資料也就比較少 但是我們有信心能作到做好而使後人來參考我們的專題研究報告 而且oo一直一來都沒有一個比較像樣可以代表o且規模大的觀光夜市 相信後站夜市得成立 將會對新竹的觀光帶來一定的影響

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    Continuation of Answer (4) by Yoyo:

    The reason for choosingoo night market as the topic is, that night market is newly set up and supposedly nostudy has been made, thus there is no relevant information. However,we are confident that we will be able to do a good research job so that others can use ourstudy report as reference material. Furthermore,we have not had a comparatively good and large scale night market ear-marked fortourists before. It is believed that thedevelopment of Back Station night market will bring some effects on Hsinchu's tourism.

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    From the start, our intention was to target at foreign tourists to introduce the good food of Taiwan's night markets, and to understand their views towardsTaiwan's various night markets, and also to present the highlights and differentcharacteristics of each individual Taiwanese night market.Our original ideas were to apply lively, yet diversified ways to introduce the uniqueness of Taiwan's food culture so as to promote tourism.However, we found that this area was too wide to cover and was also beyond our capabilityto deal with. Therefore, we adopted an easier approach to target nearby school students instead, and chose the recently established oo nightmarket in oo to study their consumingbehaviors.

    The first difficulty encountered was that we were unableto find enough foreigners for our survey. Further, we did not have the skillsfor picture takings and site recordings. We also lacked the post-production support and the abilityto communicate with foreigners ....., these led us to the failure of theproject.Moreover, our budget could not afford us to do surveys atall night markets. The most ironic as well as the most difficult part was that, the team members could not come together....and thus led to a serious imbalance of job division. On the side of image, we planned to shoot something similar to that of the documentary, "fun Taiwan". However, due to our shortage of computerskills, we finally made use of photographs and took in the results of the researchquestionnaire to impress people more.

    (to be continued...)

    2011-01-04 18:50:06 補充:

    (continuing part 2)

    We would choose school students as the target of our study because, firstly, the convenient location. Secondly, we have the similar cognitive background. Thirdly, there is no communication barrier as that with foreigners.

    (to be continued...)

  • hkslot
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    Originally we were aiming at foreign tourists as our prime targets. We were planning to introduce Taiwanese food in night markets and the uniqueness of various Taiwan night markets in order to have better understanding about the their points of view. It was estimated to be an introduction to Taiwanese cuisine culture and hence promotion of tourism in a lively and diversified style. But later on we found that the scope was too broad and it was beyond our ability. As the compromise, the students in nearby schools were chosen as our prime targets regarding the consumer behaviour research conducted at the newly established OO night market in OO. The first difficulty encountered was that we couldn’t find enough foreigners for interview. The lack of live recording and post-production techniques, and the limited ability of oral communications with foreigners… the proposal has been turned down. Secondly, budget concern. We couldn’t conduct on-location researches at all night markets. Ironically, and being the most difficult part, was that we couldn’t gather all the team members to the locations. We were not in a good condition of division of labour. We were planning to shoot a documentary film like “Fun Taiwan”, however, we have produced a photograph show instead due to poor computer skills. The survey is a visual presentation designed to enhance audience’s impression. We have chosen school students as our research target because 1) the school is conveniently located; 2) limited differences in terms of market recognition of research target; 3) better communications comparing to foreigners.

    2011-01-04 16:12:33 補充:

    The reason for choosing OO night market is that it is a newly established market. No former research has been done and not much information would be available regarding this specific market.

    2011-01-04 16:13:10 補充:

    We are confident that we will be the first to conduct such a good research which serves as an ideal reference for others.

    參考資料: hkslot, hkslot, hkslot
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  • Pak Ho
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    I have read your e-mail to me. But, I cannot help you with this because I am not good at translation.