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孫鵬程 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

幫我翻成英文,20點 謝謝啦







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    Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival. On August 15th of the lunar calendar, the moon is especially bright and round and has symbolic meaning.


    On this day, people get together with their families or friends, appriciate the moon, and eat moon cakes and pomelos. Several years ago due to an advertisement, it became popular to have a barbecue and shoot fireworks in order to celebrate this day.


    Chinese people likes to use the round moon to symbolize getting together/reunion, so Mid-Autumn Festival is also the day for family members to get together.

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    第一句 Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival.

    請改成 Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival for Chinese people.

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    Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival, the Chinese New Year August 15th, Mid-Autumn Festival moon is particularly bright and clear, bright and successful, with symbolic significance.

    In this day, people with family or friends enjoy the full moon, eat moon cake and grapefruit; a few years ago because of an advertisement, which became popular in the Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ a few years, but also fireworks to celebrate this day.

    Chinese people like the full moon a symbol of unity, so the days of Mid-Autumn Festival is also a family reunion.

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    Mid-Autumn Festival is an important celebration. Every year according to the chinese calender, on Augest 15th, the moon is particularly bright and round, with huge symbolic significances.

    2011-01-06 05:11:03 補充:

    On this day, people would gather with their family members, or friends to enjoy the full moon, eat moon cakes, and grapefruit. And due to the commercial a few years ago, people started eating BBQ, and even put out firework up to this day.

    2011-01-06 05:11:07 補充:

    The Chinese like to use the moon as a symbol of family reunion since the moon is so round, therefore Mid-Autumn have became one of those holidays where family gathers.

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    the first one is done horribly just in case you want one that's written in basic english

    as the second one is for advance english with good grammar, and everything.

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