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  • 10 年前

    跨完年就是迎接2011新的一年,接下來就要過年了,大家知道過年時說的英文過年吉祥話有哪些呢?我分享給大家幾句英文過年吉祥話,用英文吉祥話恭賀朋友長輩會更特別喔!! Chinese New Year - 中國新年 New Year's greetings - 賀年 Early Spring - 初春 Firecrackers - 鞭炮、爆竹

    May you be blessedwith peace and safety in all four seasons! 四季平安

    May you be blessed with peace and safety wherever youare! 出入平安

    Great fortune and great favour. 大吉大利

    May fortune come to your door. 五福臨門

    We wish you good fortune and may all your wishes cometrue.吉祥如意

    May you welcome happiness with the spring. 迎春納福

    May wealth come generously to you .財源廣進

    The country is at peace and the people are satisfied.國泰民安

    May your happiness be as broad as the sea. 喜氣洋洋 May you have wealth overflowing. 富貴有餘 The star of happiness shines brightly above.福星高照

    May good fortune find your door. 鴻運臨門

    測試你的英文能力學習網:http://work.台中英文.tw/ ^^有沒有覺得學到很多呢?在過年必須要說的吉詳話,講些不一樣的英文過年吉祥話會特別不一樣喔!!

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