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我愛你 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


攸關學分 所以請別直接用翻譯網翻譯

我平時沒有在用什麼保養品,對那些品牌也不是很有概念高中有次我姑姑給我FANCL的洗臉的東西但那個是粉,雖然洗完我覺得很舒服,但我用了很不習慣我也不知道那個還蠻貴的,我就直接送給我朋友了之後聽他們談論FANCL,我才覺得我虧大了之後有次 和 老師去花蓮山上玩,老師叫我擦隔離霜但我那時候根本不知道隔離霜是幹麻的老師就跟我解釋,然後我就直接擦然 後 老師就說 怎麼很像貓在洗臉我傻笑 心裡OS因為我不適合用這種女人的東西


牌子有很多種 但以 LANCOME 及 DIOR 的試用品居多我也沒有特別愛用什麼牌,他給我什麼我就洗什麼種類也很多 有隔離霜 乳霜 化妝水 精華液 洗面乳也有分 有的美白 有的深層清潔 有的上面寫再生 我看不懂 也懶的分 反正我姑姑給我什麼洗面乳我就洗什麼之前洗LANCOME美白的不知道是錯覺還是真的有用我真的覺得我似乎有變白而現在是洗面乳是DIOR,我覺得洗完臉很清爽很舒服除了洗臉外,有時卡到,我也會擦化妝水偶爾會用卸裝液剩下的那些 隔離霜 乳霜 日霜 夜霜 精華液 等 都被我現在的室友拿去用了 最近感覺自己真的慢慢有在變老 白回來的速度 似乎越來越慢因為我姑姑 還給我一大堆面膜 所以有時候我室友 在用的時候為了防止我跟他說話 她也會逼我 一定也要敷面膜而那些面膜 以XXX牌居多


這是用GOOGLE 直接翻譯的吧?

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  • 10 年前

    I seldom use care products in my casual time, and so I'm not so familiar with those brand names.

    Once my aunt gave me FANCL something for face-washing when I studied in senior high.

    That was powdered. Though it was very comfortable after using it, I don't get used to it.

    And I sent it to my friend because I don't know it was quite expensive, neither.

    Afterward I heard them discussing about FANCL then I knew I just had a big lost.

    And once again I went to Hualien with my teacher, she told me to apply sun screen lotion on my face.

    But I had no idea what a sun screen lotion was used to.

    My teacher explained to me, then I use it directly.

    And she siad that it looks just like a cat washing face.

    I giggled and think: Because it is not suitable for me to use items for women.

    Now my aunt still gives me many samples of care products.

    There are many brands, but most of them were samples from LANCOME and DIOR.

    I don't have any brand especially fond of, so I use whatever my aunt gave me.

    There are many types, too. For example, sun screen lotion, toning water, essence...and so on.(乳霜翻譯起來就是lotion,跟前面的一樣,我就省略它了^_^)

    As for the facial cleansers, some for brightening, some for deep cleaning, still some for reviving.

    I don't understand them and I'm lazy to seperate them one by one. Anyway, I use whatever my aunt gave me.

    I've used a brightening facial cleanser of LANCOME. I'm not sure whether it is my illusion or is it really works?

    I feel my skins are getting whiter.

    Now I use DIOR's cleanser and I feel fresh and comfortable after washing my face.

    Except that, sometimes I use toning water, and sometimes I use makeup remover.

    And the rests like lotions, day cream, night cream, or essence, they were taken away by my roomates.

    Recently I feel I'm getting old. It takes longer for me to recover my skins back in white.

    Because my aunt also gave me a lot of masks, my roomate force me to use it to prevent I talking to her when she's using the mask.

    And most of the masks were XXX brand.

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  • 匿名使用者
    7 年前

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  • piglet
    Lv 6
    10 年前

    I usually do not have what skin care products, for those who are not very concept of brand

    High school there are times my aunt gave me the face of things FANCL

    But that is a powder, although I feel very comfortable washing, but I am not used to using the

    I do not know that was quite expensive, I gave my friend a direct

    After listening to them talk about FANCL, I think I'm a big loss

    After a time, and the teacher went to Hualien hills around, the teacher told me to rub Cream

    But I do not know that time is inside that shirt in Cream

    Teacher told me to explain, then I'll just rub

    Then the teacher said, much like how a cat in the wash

    I giggle because I do not mind OS for something with this woman

    Now my aunt would give me a lot of skin care products or trial products

    There are many brands but DIOR LANCOME and the majority of the trial products

    I do not particularly love what brand, what he gave me what I have to wash the

    There are many types of Cream Lotion Essence Cream

    Face took part in some whitening write some deep cleaning and some regeneration

    I do not understand too lazy sub anyway what my aunt gave me what cleanser to wash my

    LANCOME whitening before the wash is an illusion, or do not know really useful

    I really think that I seem to have white

    Now is the cleanser was DIOR, I feel very comfortable very refreshing face wash

    In addition to face outside, and sometimes card to, I would rub lotion

    Occasionally use the uninstall solution

    The rest of the night that Cream Cream Cream Cream Essence, etc.

    Were I take it with a roommate

    Have recently felt really slow back in the old white rate appears to be growing slowly

    Because my aunt gave me a lot of mask

    So sometimes when my roommate in use

    I spoke to him in order to prevent forced me she would definitely have to apply mask

    The majority of those licenses mask to XXX

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