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借由這次去深坑老街,我發現其實很多地方都沒有太大的變化讓我有懷念的感覺。我差不多有6、7年沒來逛深坑老街了吧!我都快忘了有這個地方,以前都是爸爸開車帶我、媽媽、弟弟、妹妹來逛,那時候每次來都一定要吃他們臭豆腐,雖然我不太喜歡吃豆腐,但是唯獨臭豆腐讓我很喜歡吃。我爸爸的同學也住在深坑有時候去他們家玩時也會去逛一下。 早期深坑老街全長只有200多公尺,街景也都是草屋和泥路,後來這裡有發生過火災,所以有些已經重建了,現在重建後約有300公尺。我們是禮拜二去逛所以沒什麼人,那邊的風景大多都是山區的花草樹木。這裡的古厝也很多,幾乎都是黃氏宗族建造的,這些古厝也變成這裡重要的觀光資源。不過深坑老街會有名應該還是靠這裡的豆腐打響的吧!它的豆腐都是純手工做的,並用「鹽滷」的方式製作,所以不管大人、小孩都很喜歡吃這裡的豆腐。 來到這裡不經讓我想起以前小時候是多麼的常來這裡,後來爸爸、媽媽都開始在忙,所以就再也沒一起出去玩了!這裡讓我想起了許多回憶,想想這地方還真好,在這裡可以吸到新鮮空氣,又可以到處看看這裡的古厝文化來增長自己對台灣文化的認知,雖然時間過了很久,但是深坑老街還是一樣跟以前沒太大的變化。希望以後能常常約同學去深坑老街逛逛,讓自己不要忘了有這個地方。

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  • 10 年前

    Went to the pit through the streets, I found many places in fact, not much change makes me feel nostalgic. I almost did not come to visit pit 6,7 years old streets of the bar! I almost forgot about this place is my father drove past me, mother, brother and sister to visit, then have some time to eat their stinky tofu, although I do not like to eat tofu, but alone I like to eat tofu. My dad's classmates also live in the pit sometimes to their house will teach you to play with it.

    Street full of early pit only 200 meters, streets and dirt roads are also thatched, and later a fire occurred here, some have been rebuilt, and now rebuilt about 300 meters. We are so few people visit this Tuesday, there are mostly mountainous landscape plants and trees. There's also a lot of old house, built almost Huang clan, the old house here has become an important tourist resource. Street names should be, but the pit was started by the bar where the tofu! It is hand-made tofu, and use the "brine" approach production, so no matter what adults and children here are like to eat tofu.

    Here without reminds me of how a child here a lot before, and later my father, my mother began to busy, so we never hang out anymore! This reminds me of many memories, think of this place really good, where you can breathe fresh air, they can look around the old house here, to increase their cultural awareness of Taiwanese culture, although the time after a long time, but Street is the same as before the pit did not much change. Always about the students hope to be able to pit Street shopping, so do not forget to have their own place.

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