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Suicide 跟 commit suicide的不同?

有人知道suicide 和 commit suicde 有什麼不一樣? 請舉例說明

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    suicide 和 commit suicde 有什麼不一樣? 請舉例說明

    suicide 和 commit suicde 是自殺 但有差別如下

    Suicide > Commit suicde

    . Suicide 是抽象名稱

    . Commit suicide [ commit oneself to 表明要..... 自己殺自己 ]

    Ex. The composition about the suicide as follows;

    There is a country which people live really poverty with their

    . illiteracy and disease.

    . In which, some people in this country , we saw, seek to

    . commit suicide including the self-harm or

    . euthanasia and assisted suicide

    Statistics indicate the most of people in this country have happened

    . the suicide such as ;

    . Murder–suicide

    . Suicide attack

    . Mass suicide

    . Suicide pact

    . Metaphorical suicide

    . Suicide by cop scenario

    有一個國家,人民生活貧窮,他們真的 文盲和疾病。

    。其中,有些人在這個國家,我們看到,尋求 自殺,包括

    . 自我傷害或



    。如 自殺







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