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翎翎 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前


各位大大好~ 依照我自己原本的中文~ 我大概把英文寫成這樣~ ==========================================================

Dear SavillFirst of all, thank you for your time to read my letter,and raised a legitimate concern, that both show you havegreat interest in our company. 您好,首先感謝您閱讀敝公司之信件並提出您的看法,此皆顯示您對敝公司之重視。 We are able to offer the samples of the production at once,under the premise that you agreed and provided us thedetails (ex: drawings). We must grasp the opportunity you bestow,and meet your satisfaction. 若您願意賜予敝公司服務的機會,敝公司可以立刻提供貴公司此項產品之樣本,當然,此舉一定是在您認同許可並提供該產品細節資訊(例如:圖面)的情況之下,敝公司可以保證樣本絕不會讓您失望及不滿。 Our main purpose is to emphasize our technology and facilitiesenough to manufacturing the production, obviously, it's able tounderstand that you couldn't know the original intention withoutany business transactions between us. 針對此項產品,我們的目的是想突顯敝公司有足夠的能力與技術可以生產及製造,顯然,可以理解的是,在雙方未曾有交流的情況之下,很難讓您明白此項初衷 Sincerely,========================================================== 請問這樣時態和文法有正確嗎? 因為是自己練習寫的~希望可以聆聽各位大大的指教~ 在翻譯成英文時~我有謹記版上大大們強調的"簡而易懂"~ 可是又怕這樣的書信會讓新客戶覺得沒禮貌~(翻滾中)

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  • 10 年前

    Thank you for reading our previous letter. It is quite understandable that you have concerns with our capability of manufacturing your products. So giving that both parties didn't have any opportunity to cooperate in the past, we solicited your good will to grant us a chance to prove ourselves. To this end, If you permitted to give us the details of your future product (e.g. by drawings), we could produce some samples on your demand. We're confident that these samples will meet your demands with satisfaction, for our company is already well prepared with technological know-hows and manufacturing equipments in need. It will be fruitful if you could grant us this opportunity.

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    10 年前

    安安^^ 1. 您好,首先感謝您閱讀敝公司之信件並提出您的看法,此皆顯示您對敝公司之重視。>> Dear Savill,First off, thank you for your precious time to read my previous letter and raise certain concerns, which both show you have great interest in our company to do business with you.

    2. 若您願意賜予敝公司服務的機會,敝公司可以立刻提供貴公司此項產品之樣本,當然,此舉一定是在您認同許可並提供該產品細節資訊(例如:圖面)的情況之下,敝公司可以保證樣本絕不會讓您失望及不滿。>> Secondly, we’re capable of offering the samples of your product once you agreed and provided us the details of it (ex: the drawings).

    We would grasp the opportunity and strive every effort to meet your requirements. 3. 針對此項產品,我們的目的是想突顯敝公司有足夠的能力與技術可以生產及製造,顯然,可以理解的是,在雙方未曾有交流的情況之下,很難讓您明白此項初衷>> Finally, our main purpose is to emphasize on our technologies and facilities sophiscated enough to manufacturing the product. Nevertheless, it's also understandable that you cannot know the very purpose just stated above at the very beginning of the communications between us.

    Sincerely,XXX ※此封信雖然寫的很具誠意,但結尾稍嫌軟弱不足。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~※參考看看(have fun in learning English)若答案裡有兩字連在一起,請把它分開學英文不要怕犯錯,但要常用。※

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