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軒仔 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

answer與reply的分別 很急 20點唷!!!~~~

很急 請在星期一之前回答

請幫我列出answer與reply的所有用法 順便造個例句


謝謝 很急唷 請大大能盡快幫我解答

2 個解答

  • Huevos
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    Reply有兩個用法 (verb和noun) reply verb/rɪˈplaɪ/ [I]•to answer 《回答问题》[+ speech] "Where are yougoing?" I asked. "Home," he replied. [+ that] I replied that it was 12 o'clock. 《我回答說"12點"》I try to reply to letters the day I receive them. 《我收到信件時會盡快當天回信的》•to react to an action by someone else 《對他人的動作有所的反應》She replied to the threats by going to the police. 《他對威脅的回應就是去找警察》Newport took an early lead before Bridgend replied with threetries in reply noun/rɪˈplaɪ/ [C or U]an answer 《一個答案,回應》I asked why, but he made/gave no reply. 《我有問他們為什麼,但是他沒給我任何回應》There were very few replies to our advertisement. 《只有幾個人對我們的廣告有回應》In reply to their questions, she just shrugged. 《他對他們的回應沒有什麼反應》

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer有三個主要用法 (noun和verb) answer noun (REACTION)/ˈɑːnt .sər //ˈænt .sɚ/ [C]a reaction to aquestion, letter, telephone call, etc. (反應)The Minister promised to give a written answer to theMP's detailed question. 《Minister以遵守約定要回Prime Minister的問題》We've written to him asking him if he's free on that date but we haven'thad an answer yet. 《我剛剛寫信問她哪時有空約會但是他還沒回答》I've just rung him but there was no answer. 《我剛剛答電話去,他沒接》answer noun (SOLUTION)/ˈɑːnt .sər //ˈænt .sɚ/ [C]a solution to aproblem (答案)It's a difficult situation and I don't know what the answer is. 《這種情況下我不知道答事是什麼》There's no easy answer to the problem. 《這個問題是沒有簡單的解答》answer verb (REACT)/ˈɑːnt .sər //ˈænt .sɚ/[I or T] tosay, write or do something as a reaction to a question, letter, telephone calletc. (回應)I can't answer (you) without more detailed information. 《資訊不夠我無法回答你》[+ speech] "I'd loveto have dinner with you, but I won't be able to get there before nine o'clock," she answered. 《他回答說, ”我很跟你吃晚餐”》[+ that ] She answered that she wouldn't be able to come beforenine o'clock. 《他回答說他無法9點前回來》 使用的差異(Reply跟Answer)


    2011-01-10 17:36:43 補充:

    Reply - 回應,回答

    Answer - 回答,解釋,解答


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  • 9 年前

    answer 注重於資訊問題的解決所以它的對比是question : answer

    reply 注重於溝通時候資訊往來所以它的對比是 request : reply


    You: Who killed JFK?

    Me: It was FBI. <<--- this is an answer and a reply;

    Me: This question has been asked for millions of times. <<-- this is a reply but not an answer.

    2011-01-10 00:51:11 補充:


    reply 注重於溝通時候資訊往來的行為 所以它的對比是 request : reply

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