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    Title: five years later, I

    Today, I was a student, a carefree, just what the students learn more, three years ago, I attended the international trade system into the XXXX, but I find it of interest to me there is a difference, perhaps it before me Kansai was young, people say what is good, and he will not think about anything, efforts to fight on the right, slowly increase with age, to see things more widely exposed to more things to the more I can not help but thinking, it really is the mother I want? a mother I am interested in?

    Until one day, I found my house some of the furnishings, some patterns will suddenly think it baffling, how to design this room, people live there is a comfortable, relaxed, free, to I became familiar with every one will start thinking about space a problem

    Now maybe I will have a greater interest in interior design, but I should finish this stage of things, everything has been able to graduate as a precondition, until the arrival of graduation day, I think I'll start looking for opportunities to learn about interior design stuff, regardless of tuition Ye Hao, go to class Ye Hao, perhaps curiosity dictates, is to have an impulse to want to understand the interior design in the end is doing

    Five years later, I hope that I am at a famous interior design company as a designer, to design a bit more design blueprint for the people, no matter what site the customer needs to meet or exceed customer expectations will be designed to will become my belief, I hope I can bring the majority of the design of a well-being of people

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    無聊人士?? How rude!!

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    Title: five years later IToday, I was a student, a carefree, students just learning more things, three years ago I went to XXXX attending international trade Department, but I find that's like me there is a large gap, perhaps that's like I used to also young Kansai, what people say is good, what they have not thought, efforts to fight on, as the old slowly grows, increasingly widespread, exposed to something more and more, this one can't help but think, it's really what I want MOM? is the MOM I'm interested in?Until one day, I found myself on some of the furnishings in the room, some patterns, suddenly thought of bullsh, how to design this room, who lives in it is comfortable, relaxing, carefree, became my go to unfamiliar space began to think of a questionNow maybe I'll have more interior design interest, but for now I should be finished at this stage, the premise of all have been able to graduate until the coming of graduation day, I think I will start looking for the opportunity to learn something about the interior design, regardless of the tutorial, go to class, perhaps curiosity, that is, unit impulse to want to know the interior design is what you are doingFive years later, I wish I was in a renowned interior design firm when designers can design more blueprints, regardless of the door requirements of the customer to meet or exceed customers ' expectations by design will become my beliefs, I hope that my design will bring to the vast number of people a sense of well-being