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Happy birthday! i am glad I met you in Canada because that’s my trip’s highlight, maybe you don’t believe me, actually I have never written a birthday card to some one because I usually only buy a gift to some one.In fact, I have met over dozens girls in Canada, but I have not met a very good girl just like you. You told me you have a boy friend, I have never met him, but I know he is the luckiest guy in the world, I think you are the best diction he has made in a long time because you are kind, extremely attractive and drop dead gorgeous, when I look at you, I can’t even remember my name.Anyway, happy birthday I will always remember your birthday, even where I am(無論我在那要怎樣說?).



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  • Huevos
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    10 年前



    That's a huge ass run-on sentence you have there. Put some full stops in for crying out loud. This is English, not Chinese.


    Stop pulling crap out of your ass. You don't need to tell people what you usually do because all that does is make you look like a frugal and selfish bastard. In other words, cut the crap and get to the point.


    - how many girls you've met

    - her relationship with another guy and how lucky he is

    - how pretty she is

    Dear (name)

    Happy Birthday to one of the best people I've known! It is the time of the year again! I am sure this is one of your favorite days of the year. I hope you will have a memorable birthday! Remember that the best is yet to come!

    Best Wishes,


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    Best Wishes,

    All the Best,


    will work.

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  • Fuj
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    10 年前


    ps. I love you

    2011-01-14 17:12:33 補充:

    我覺得最後一句可以寫 even it is now or forever

    2011-01-14 17:15:00 補充:

    wherever I am

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