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因為要用 英文架構網站 需要高手幫忙中翻英!!!!

請勿使用google or yahoo 字典直譯...請翻的有點口語化









以上這些句子 拜託各位英文高手幫忙翻譯!!!

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    1.WORK page has been updated

    2. Not into work

    3. To construct trademark character design, the overall tone dumping retro style, product names and trademarks with the body directly with the taste.

    4. Works presented in the Third World poor countries mainly due to the implementation of environmentally friendly lead-free many people live in garbage dumps, and there are three plans in the works echoed the importance of environmental protection!

    5. work is mainly characterized by spindle picture colorful dress to attract people watch dog, and then people watch the poster to attract more participants

    6. Web site to see the latest of a submission into the experience and dynamic website so that users can clearly understand all of the site information, and thus more interested in browsing

    7. Enter the site once the main store of the station showing a full menu of goods sold, so customers can easily see the phone ordering the whole menu!

    8. The simple animation welcome page, enter the home page presents a lively way to make people want to continue to view more content

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    這個很難可以很口語化的 光是中文就幾經不夠口語了....