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Up to C45 com from anus, multiple colinic ulcers with surrounding hyperemic mucosal changes were moted over S-D junction to proximal colon. Sigmoid colon and rectum was spare .Mild internal hemorrhoid was noted.

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  • 9 年前

    This sounds like a dictation from a doctor, probably transcribed by someone in India or the Philippines. If this is true, then there might be transcription errors ..

    com from Anus == should read come from Anus.

    changes were moted === should read changes were noted.

    S-D junction == sigmoid descending junction

    從肛門到直腸 C45,發現了許多結腸潰瘍與周圍黏膜充血的變化,分布在乙狀降結腸到的直腸交界。乙狀結腸和直腸看來還可以。也發現了輕度的內痔。

  • 9 年前

    非常不好意思拖那麼晚選你為最佳解答 sorry ><