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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

let.... in 後面可以加地點嗎?


let somebody/something in 後面可以接地點嗎?

Please let him in the classroom.


可以這樣寫嗎?不行的話 讓某人進去某地要用哪個字??


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  • C L
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    Cobuild英語字典解釋”let into/out of/through”If you let someone into, out of, or through a place, you allow them to enter, leave, or go through it, for example by opening a door or making room for them.所以,let 某人 into / out of / through 地方:讓某人進入/離開/經過某地方英語網站句子:… so she got up and let him into the backyard. 於是她起身,讓他進了後院 (美國USA Today報紙新聞句子) 但也是用google.com查詢,還是有不少人用 “let 某人 in 地方”。英語網站句子:… we are not to let him in the house. 我們不準備讓他進屋

    2011-01-20 22:02:25 補充:

    回答內容只是說”let somebody into a place”和”let somebody in a place”意思一樣,但前者較常用。

    一般常聽到的"let somebody in"就都是表示"讓某人進去"意思,在此就再用英語網站表達連續動作的句子為例可以更清楚,像是”開門再讓…進…”的意思:

    1. ... Jay opened the door and let us in the house. ... ,

    2011-01-20 22:02:52 補充:

    2. After the dog ate the treat, the plaintiff opened the door and stepped out onto the stoop to let the dog in the house. (讓我們/那隻狗進...,不會是"讓我們/那隻狗留在裡面”的意思)。

    2011-01-20 22:12:42 補充:

    下面由英語網站句子整句來看,”wouldn't let him in the classroom”明顯是”不讓他進教室”:

    I guess it's because I shut the door on him and wouldn't let him in the classroom.

    2011-01-20 22:27:14 補充:

    ... the complaint, which maintains Roger Jenkins told the deputy at his door that he would let them in the house after he put his dogs away. ... 該抱怨的說法是Jenking在門口要副警長先把狗帶開,他才會讓他們進屋

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  • 9 年前

    let somebody/something in 後面可以接地點

    but the meaning is different.

    let him in. 讓他進來吧。

    let him in the classroom. 讓他在教室裡。

    let him come into the classroom. 讓他進教室。

    let him sit in the classroom. 讓他坐在教室裡。

    let him stay in the classroom. 讓他呆在教室裡。

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