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可以幫我把這一小段翻成英文嗎? (很急)






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    True love means not expecting something in return for every sacrifice you make.


    When we give our heart and soul to another person, we are left with the anticipation of his or her reciprocation, isn't that a form of return itself?


    I agree with the value of a reciprocating relationship cannot be left unacknowledged, however the key to two madly in love people lies within the fact that you do not love only to be loved in return.


    Love is understanding the other person's perspective and attitude, which I believe is the reason why inbalanced love can exist and flourish between two people.

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    You pay opposite party not necessarily to feel, when you request him to repay, that was not has loved really, likely was we wholeheartedly, the sincerity true meaning when was good to a person, would wild hope opposite party some responses, this not was one kind of repayment? I thought that love the value, cannot certainly deny completely, but key lies in " The sincerity falls in love two person " , but not requests the repayment, because the sincerity falls in love, therefore the sincerity pays does not strive for the repayment, also, because the sincerity falls in love, may forgive opposite party standpoint, the manner, I think only then under this condition, likes the trifle not being balanced, is may establish in both sides between.

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    Do you still pay the other party does not feel that when you require him to return, it is not love, like a

    We are committed, who loved a good time, always expect some response to each other, is not this one

    Kinds of returns? I think that the values of love, of course, can not deny that, but the focus is "pure love, two people, "not to be returned because of true love, so give enough without asking for anything, but also because true love can understand each other's position, attitude I think only in this case, the love of a little imbalance between the parties is to set up.