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關於維琪政府 (英文大大照過來)






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  • 10 年前

    The existence of Vichy Government (or Vichy Regime), which helped Germans oppress its own French, evidently lowered the international standings of France in the Second World War. The reason why all the counties except for United Kingdom held Vichy Government to be the legal government of France was because none of the counties would like to continue the war.

    Although the wars were crucial for the citizens, the winner of the wars represented high authority and honor. Charles de Gaulle rescued his own country, France, from being German's occupied zone. The fact that Charles de Gaulle helped his own people strive for dignity and better living standards made him the national hero in France.

    2011-01-20 02:11:59 補充:

    Vichy Government = Vichy Regime = 維琪政府

    Charles de Gaulle = 夏爾·戴高樂

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  • 10 年前

    Wiki Government, significantly reduce France during World War II's international status, and oppression on behalf of the German people. Why apart from the United Kingdom Government is outside all countries recognize Wikipedia France legitimate Government? the answer is very simple, because the war no one likes. Countries, without a fight to win, although war, every people, are a very cruel thing, but for national society decided to field. Charles de Gaulle as familiar of the laws of the law, and free France from the vanquished status of the Arabs, who said he was not a French national hero (although I personally hate war). But France gained the dignity of the people and the position is an indisputable fact.

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