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請幫忙翻譯一下除濕機的規格 謝謝

1. 除濕能力2. 水箱儲水量3. 使用迴旋室壓縮機4. 自動除濕裝置5. 水滿指示燈並自動停機6. 連續排水 (可外接水管)7. 可洗式濾網8. 機械式操控9. 上吹式出風口10. 活動把手設計11. 靜音 低分貝12. 能源因數值13. 環保新冷煤14. 微電腦操控15. 濕度控制 (連續,低濕,中濕,高濕)16. 透明水位視窗17. 節能省電18. 活動滾輪19. 預約關機20. 待機中溫度濕度顯示21. 抗菌過濾網22. 水箱取出自動斷電裝置23. 定時裝置

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    2.water storage tank

    3.cyclotron chamber with the compressor

    4.Automatic dehumidification equipment

    5.Water full indicator and automatic shutdown

    6.continuous drainage (which can add water)

    7.washable type filter

    8.mechanical manipulation

    9.on the blow outlet

    10.Activities handle design

    11.Mute low-decibel due to numerical

    13.environmental protection and new refrigerant

    14.microcomputer control

    15.humidity control (continuous, low humidity, the wet, humid)

    16.Transparent water level window saving

    18.Activities wheel

    19.reservation off

    20.stand in the temperature and humidity display

    21.antimicrobial filter

    22.tank remove the automatic power off

    23.timing device


    1.Eliminates the wet ability

    2.Water tank waterretaining capacity

    3.Use maneuver room compressor

    4.Eliminates automatically installs

    5.wet. Water full indicating lamp and auto-stop

    6.Drains water continuously (may outside meet water pipe)

    7.May wash the type mesh

    8.The mechanical type holds controls

    9.On blows the type air outlet

    10.The activity designs the hand

    11.Static sound low decibel

    12.Energy because of value

    13.Environmental protection new cold coal

    14.The microcomputer holds controls

    15.Humidity control (continuously, low and damp, wet, humidity)

    16.Transparent water level Windows

    17.Energy conservation province electricity

    18.Active hoop

    19.The appointment closes down

    20.Waits for an opportunity the temperature humidity to demonstrate

    21.Resist bacteria strainer

    22.The water tank takes out the automatic power failure to install

    23.Timing device

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    1. dehumidified

    2. water storage tank

    3. cyclotron chamber with the compressor

    4. Automatic dehumidification equipment

    5. Water full indicator and automatic shutdown

    6. continuous drainage (which can add water)

    7. washable type filter

    8. mechanical manipulation

    9. on the blow outlet

    10. Activities handle design

    11. Mute low-decibel

    12. energy due to numerical

    13. environmental protection and new refrigerant

    14. microcomputer control

    15. humidity control (continuous, low humidity, the wet, humid)

    16. Transparent water level window

    17. energy saving

    18. Activities wheel

    19. reservation off

    20. stand in the temperature and humidity display

    21. antimicrobial filter

    22. tank remove the automatic power off

    23. timing device

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    1. dehumidifier capacity2. water tank storage capacity3. use the swing compressor4. automatic dehumidification device5. water full of light and automatic shutdown6. continuous drainage (can connect pipes)7. washable strainer8. mechanical handling9. top-blowing air outlet10. event hand design11. mute low decibel12. power factor values13. new cold coal14. a micro-computer control15. humidity control (continuous, low humidity, moisture, and high humidity)16. the transparent water window17. energy-saving power18. the activity roller19. appointment shutdown20. in the standby temperature and humidity display21. antibacterial filter22. tank out of automatic power off device23. timer device