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star wars


Satine Kryze was the pacifist Duchess of Mandalore and the leader of the New Mandalorians. Born on Kalevala, she led her reformist Mandalorian faction in a civil war against the Death Watch, a Mandalorian splinter group that wanted to preserve the Mandalorians' traditional warrior culture. After the war, she helped rebuild Mandalore's government into a pacifist society, bringing prosperity and renouncing violence. When the Clone Wars broke out, she headed the Council of Neutral Systems, opposing both sides of the war and advocating peace for her people. This led to rumors that Satine was secretly creating an army for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the Jedi High Council sent Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi whom Satine had met and become close to during the Mandalorian Civil War, to investigate. Satine travelled with Obi-Wan to Mandalore's moon of Concordia, where the remaining members of the Death Watch were located, where they were attacked by Governor Pre Vizsla and his mercenaries. Satine and Obi-Wan understood that the Death Watch was in league with Count Dooku and presnted a serious threat to peace on Mandalore.


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    Satine Kryze是倡導和平主義曼達洛的公爵夫人和新曼達洛的領導者。出生於卡勒瓦拉,她帶領的改革派-曼達洛派系, 內戰中對抗死神,有一個曼達洛分裂組織想保留曼達洛傳統武士文化。戰爭結束後,她幫助重建曼達洛政府成為一個和平的社會,帶來繁榮和放棄暴力。當克隆人戰爭爆發後,她領導的中立系統委員會,面對對立的重尚戰爭及和平的雙方人民。這導致了傳言,Satine秘密建立的獨立系統的邦聯軍隊,絕地高級理事會並派出歐比旺克諾比,一人Satine會見了Jedi密切,在近曼達洛內戰和進行調查期間。 Satine與歐比旺到曼達洛的月亮康柯狄亞,那裡是死神的其餘成員的所在,在那裡他們受到前Vizsla總督和他的僱傭軍的攻擊。 Satine和歐比旺了解,死神與杜庫嚴重威脅到曼達洛的和平。

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