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急,label 必須piggy back型式 是什麼意思?

緊急 有客戶問我原文如下:

piggy back!!! Please confirm that you understand what that means and that the labels you put on the outside of our packages will have this piggy back type label??

請問 label(標簽) 必須piggy back型式 是什麼意思?

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    我查到的是﹕: (http://www.flamingolabel.com/SpecialApplication.as...

    "Piggy back labels are constructed of two layers of adhesive and material. The label can be applied to a surface, and then the top layer can be removed and applied to another surface. Piggy back labels are a great choice for mailers, sweepstakes, postcards, or any other application where user would be required to remove a label and place it in another location. "


    2011-01-26 01:02:40 補充:

    請看這一頁的 piggyback label 的圖片。


    參考資料: google search ”piggyback type label”
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