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  • 9 年前

    cc老大您好^ - ^

    也讓本Panda try try seeㄅ; 如下:


    ~Resplendent Zircon (Artificial Diamond) Ring~

    It is an extention of the earrings by the same name and is unique in its crossed design. Other than that, it is completely identical to the zircon earrings. If to be purchased with the Resplendent Zircon Earrings, they will be shipped together while the shipping fee will be waived. The ID(Inside Diameter) of the ring is 1.9cm and can be resized if too big.



    2011-01-26 20:00:11 補充:

    哈哈不小心拼錯字^ - ^'''

    extention ---> extension = - =

    參考資料: Pandora's Panda翻譯社
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  • 匿名使用者
    9 年前

    安安^^ 試譯如下,如有問題可以再修正: 華麗鋯石鑽戒~它是從耳環延伸出來.主要特色是戒環我用交叉設計.其他和華麗耳環大同小異.如果要和華麗耳環一起購買免運費一起寄出.戒圍~#17,內徑1.9cm.如果戒圍太大可以更改.>> Splendid Zircon Diamond RingIt’s a series design to previous Splendid Diamond Pave Earrings.There is not much difference between the two except the ring is cross designed.Could be purchased with the Earrings free of shipping fee.Ring size #17; diameter 1.9cm.Size could be changed. ※ a series design to → 同系列款式設計 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~※參考看看(have fun in learning English)若答案裡有兩字連在一起,請把它分開學英文不要怕犯錯,但要常用。※

    2011-01-27 13:15:49 補充:



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  • 9 年前

    Beautiful diamond ring from the earrings ~ it is extended from the zircon. main feature is the ring ring I used crossover design. gorgeous earrings and other similar. purchased with the gorgeous earrings free shipping and if you want to send. ring surrounding ~#17, diameter 1.9cm. If the ring around too much can change.

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