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A Benefit of Multiprogramming

有一篇文章取自維基百科(Wikipedia),是有關電腦中 Process Management 的 Multiprogramming:



問題(Inferential Question):

In "Process of Management" What is one practical benefit of multitasking/multiprogramming?

不好意思,我的電腦知識實在不足,就算這篇文章是中文,我還是回答不出來,只好上來求救。不過各位高手請簡單以一 、兩句英文簡答就好,感恩!

我的回答(不知道對不對或可不可以):According to the article, the multiprogramming system enables us to do many tasks on the computer at the same time. For example, we could listen to music while we are surfing on the internet.

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  • 10 年前

    According to the article, multitasking/multiprogramming makes efficient use of the CPU by enabling the users to perform multiple tasks at the same time; that way, it increases CPU utilization. For example, users can play the music while surfing on the web on the computer at the same time without possible delay.

    樓主的概念是對的,電腦的進程/任務管理就是要使 CPU 的效率近可能最大化。