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  • 9 年前

    NARRATOR:On an unknowns forest has one little pond. There are some fish, frogs and a big turtle. The fish play all day in the water and live happily. Sometimes you chase me, I pursue you.

    FISH:It’s all my world. Whatever I dance and I sing. No body can control my behavior

    NARRATOR:The frogs shout all day. Sometime they will climb to the bank and jump just like practicing the long jump and the high jump

    Frog:Look!I can jump over 50 miters once a time. I’m so formidable, right!

    Turtle:I’m a turtle. I usually hide under the water and dream. Few of the people see me. Few of the people know about me. But I like to be a recluse. Maybe someday I will go down in history like Tao, Yuan- Ming Ha~Ha~.

    NARRATOR:One day did not know where a little crab come. He got the pond dirty

    Fish: I can’t breathe. Who can help me? I almost die.

    Frog:Who!Who cover my eyes? I can’t see anything.

    Crab:Wow~fun to play

    Fish:Hey! Who Who are you?

    Crab:I’m a little crab

    Fish:A crab!Why do you come to the pond? Make the pond such dirty

    Crab:Which place I play you can’t manage.

    Frog:I have never seen such proud people.

    Crab:Ha~you don’t understand. As long as I’m happy, it’s all good.

    NARRATOR:The fish and the frog have no idea. So they go to find the turtle and look for help.

    Frog:Turtle brother. The water is got dirty by the crab. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?

    Turtle:I feel uncomfortable. But what can I do? I don’t have power to let him learn a lesson. We have to think a good idea together.

    Fish:What can’t we do?

    Turtle:We are good neighbor .aren’t we. You can’t see me be hurt by him and not help

    Frog:Ham~I want to help you. But I am afraid of his big pliers.

    Fish:Yes I’m also a tinny fish!How could I fight with a big monster

    Turtle:That's it. Let us unite to fight the crab

    Frog:Yes! We all are willing to obey your direction. Come together and expels the crab

    Turtle:Good!So long as everybody unites, expels the crab is not a problem.

    NARRATOR:The turtle the frog and the fish make a plan and together looks for the crab

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