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題目:An Unforgettable Experience

要一篇文章(Past Tense)




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    9 年前

    Unforgettable experience~

    'All was over, silent, mournful, abandoned, broken, the land had been plunged into darkness' This words, made by the Churchill, can best describe my experience.

    During my summer vacation, I was sitting leisurely on a beach chair, and enjoying the beaming sunlight. Looking up the sky, a purple, shinny way suddenly smashed across the sky. When the ray vanished in the other end of the sky, originally tranquil land immediately rocked vigorously and the earth was crumbled. The modern buildings cracked with a monstrous burp, because of which, my ears were echoed. I couldn't hear anything but the scream of panic-stricken masses, or merely the howl of dying people. All of them wildly eluded away from the urban area, all the while carrying a desperate face each. Being despaired, grey mind sprung up my brain: rather I escaped, I were more willing to close up my eyes and followed the instruction of the god.

    The dreadful catastrophe ceased. All became silent. I gradually opened my eyes. Terror filled up my eyes. Despair prevailed the entire atmosphere. Corpse lied around with a horrible and bloody face. I had no idea why the Pandora's box befell on me, as well as all people in Kendoz. Wearily, everything went black.

    Fortunately, I was rescued by the emergency saving team and being hospitalized. Amid nasty medical smell, mourn pervaded, wrinkles emerged upon the face surface. This experience was deeply engraved in my heart and was certainly the most unforgettable experience I had.


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  • 9 年前

    n a early morning, I went to school. Perhap it was too early that only several students were there. I used to enter into toilet first once I arrived at my school. However, I could not believe what I saw in the toilet that morning.

    I saw that a young man was raping a naked girl. I was so curious how mating occur. So, I had not make any noise but enjoyed to watch the whole process, just as it was a human biology lesson.

    The naked girl was a skinny pretty teen with pigtail. She cried all the time with painful facial expression. Therefore, I guessed she was a virgin. On the other hand, the young man threaten the girl with a knife in his hand and *****ed the girl very deep at the same time. It was really a long time sexual abuse with violation.

    After a long brutal *****, the young man turned his head and stared at me. I knew he discovered me at length. However, to my surprise, the young man was a person who I already knew. He was my teacher who had taught biology subject in my class, but now he was doing experiment in the toilet!

    After leaving the toilet, he warned me not to tell anyone what he has done. Furthermore, he guaranteed that I could get the highest mark in biology among my classmates. This was really an unforgettable experience indeed. (239 words)

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  • 9 年前



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  • 9 年前

    Today is the most unforgettable day in my whole life .

    It is because my grandmother dies at this day.

    While receiving this news, I can not stop crying.

    Although the day I got along with her is not so much.

    But when I visit her,

    She will do the food that I like most to eat,

    takes me go to the park enjoy the time,

    But from this day, I lost all these.

    If grandmother still lives in the world,

    I think I should say "I love you" to her

    But, I had no chance again.

    102 words

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  • 9 年前

    my unforgettable experience happened four years ago. I went camping with my friends

    in the country side and we had some supernatural experience! We arrived at the

    campground in a remote village in the outer islands around four o'clock in the afternoon.

    John, our leader, proposed that some of us should collect some woods for the cam fire

    so, three of us: Peter, Paul and I went off to the hillside to collect some wood. On our

    way, we saw some pots along the road and we suspected that these were some pots

    in which the villagers left behind for their ancestors' burial. We were very respectful an

    careful not to touch them. We went passed a stream and there was a small hut nearby.

    It was an abandoned hut. Peter suggested that we should go in and have a look. So,

    we put the firewood in front of the door and we went inside. Paul felt dizzy once he

    stepped in the hut and suddenly there came an old man with long hair running towards

    us!! We were very scared and we dashed off in no time! We were very very frightened!

    That was one of my unforgettable experience.

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