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像It rains cats and dogs下滂沱大雨




  在日耳曼南部地區,則有不同的說法:這兩隻名叫格利和福雷奇的巨大狼犬原本就具有御風的能力,平日雖負責守護奧丁,但好動的天性依舊不改,經常偷閒與亞薩園裡的貓咪追逐嬉戲,使得人間風雨不斷。性情嚴肅的奧丁發現後,罰牠們跳下雲海,緩和災情,因此「It rains cats and dogs」,就成為滂沱大雨的代稱。



中文網站的網址麻煩就不用給了 我大概都找過


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    sitting in a cat bird seatA person is "sitting pretty" or in a "favored position." This saying was popularized, at least, in these here parts [Texas], by a short story entitled "Catbird Seat," which was written by the well-known American writer of humorous fiction--James Thurber. Thurber, of "Walter Mitty " fame, gives credit to Red Barber--the down--home Southern baseball sports announcer for this rural idiom to the mainstream American public. According to Thurber, the phrase means: being in an advantageous position.

    Source: cat calls"I'm from a neighborhood with a tremendous amount of wild or at least free-roaming cats. Often, in the middle of an early spring or summer night i would be awakened by the calls of cat's in mating. Each time, one of the sounds I heard was similar to the "wit-woo" sound associated with the cat-call whistle. Perhaps people adopted that sound, changed it to a whistle, and associated it with seeing an attractive woman, thus calling the sound these men made, cat calls."

    Source: Michelle Tracey

    as happy as a clam"Happy as a Clam" is not the original quote. It has been shortened. Why is a Clam particularly happy? The original quote was "Happy as a Clam in High Tide". Which of course is when the clam is the safest.

    Source: Nick Porreco

    crocodile tearsFake tears. This expression comes from a story that a crocodile moans and sobs like a person in great distress in order to lure a man into its reach, and then after devouring him sheds bitter tears over the dire fate of its victim.

    Source: Funk, Charles

    if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleasIf you associate with bad people, you will acquire their faults.

    Source: Bertram, Anne (Bowl of Cherries)

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