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我的英文作業心得 中文稿翻譯成英文 急

我打的這個中文稿 我不希望是用翻譯網轉貼的


而且有一些是專有名詞 高手快點出現吧


海爾森(Hailsham)是一間專收複製人的學校,在裡面的小孩到達規定捐贈的年齡後,就必須做活體捐贈直到死亡為止,而尚未捐贈的人則是擔任看護照顧那些要捐贈器官的同類。故事中敘述了一男兩女的三角愛情關係,在現實的逼近,他們不得不面對眼前的一切,他們不能像一般人一樣期待未來,只能不斷的回憶過往,這故事更揭發人性對於生命的醜陋。 從被產生到死亡,一直都是被人安排好好,沒有任何可以選擇。在他們的想法裡尚未有逃走這個念頭,我想這就是一直活在被安排好的世界裡,而找不到他們要做的選擇。如果你尚未出生,就注定死亡,你,會選擇怎樣生活?這是個某個網頁為這本書所設下的標題,我想這句話足夠讓人去思考生命的價值。生命到底值多少,然而有了複製人生命究竟有有何變化,我想這就是兩極意見的不同,但有了複製人,自私的人類,始終還是為了自己的利益為優先,而生命最終還是得獨一無二的才會是自己。

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  • 9 年前

    Haiersen (Hailsham) is a collection of human beings, after the child reaches age provides donation, living donations needs to be done until death, and take care of those who have not donated by the people you are serving as care of similar to organ donation.

    Described in the story of one man and two women love triangle, approximation of reality, they have to face in front of all, they will not be like a normal person looks forward to the future, can only continue to memories of the past, this story came to human nature for the ugliness of life.

    From being generated to death, has been the cause, there is no choice. In their idea has not escaped the idea, I think that's been living in a world where being arranged, and the choices they have to do is not found. If you are not born, it is doomed to death, you can choose how to live ? This is a page for this book under the title, I think this quote enough for people to think about the value of life.

    Exactly how much of life, but what in human life and I think this is the different poles, but there are human beings, human selfishness, always, or for their own interests as a priority, and life is unique only in the end is their own.

    參考資料: 專業翻譯
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