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英文高手!!幫我翻譯作業 中翻英(急~~~20點)


我們老師說不需要照翻 文法通意思大概一樣就ok


2.不論發生生什麼事 他總是沒有離開她 還想辦法幫她

3.他們兩人對彼此有好感 所以他決定邀請她參加宴會




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    1) I can learn the perseverance of one's dream from him.

    2) No matter what happens, he does not leave her and/but even helps her.

    3) They both have favorable/good impression of each other, so he decided to invite her to his banquet/party.

    4) Her achievements made others successful.

    4) 或 Her accomplishments are important, which made others succeed in everything.

    5) I think he is very talented/powerful/impressive because he invented the Game Theory at a young age. His story depicted/showed dramatic tension and illusion, that is like walking between two worlds. His story also give a shocking impression to the readers and audience.



    參考資料: 手工翻譯
  • 霈玲
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    1.I can learn willpower2 of letting the dream realize from his body. Does not he always leave her no matterwhat is given birth to? Still try every possible means to help her 3. They two have a good impression on each other so he decide invite her to participate in the banquet? 4.Her achievement is very important break-through 5 to people. I think he invents the game theory when very young terribly. His story has drama tension, visiting and going between illusion and true two world very much, give the audience very great shock too.

  • 1 0 年前

    I can go to school from his body to let the dream realization the will.No matter sends propagates any matter he always not to leave her Also tries to find solution to help her.They have the favorable impression to each other therefore he decided invites her to attend the banquet.Her achievement to the people is the very important breakthrough.I thought he is very fierce, when very young on invention game theory. His story has the play tensity very much, between the illusion and real two world random walk, also gives the audience very big shocking. 希望有幫到你

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    1.I learned from him the perseverance to dream

    2. No matter what his students did not always want a way to help her out of her

    3. they both have a crush on each other, so he decided to invite her to the party

    4. Her success is very important for people to break

    5. I think he is very powerful, in the very young inventor of game theory. His story is very dramatic tension, hallucinations and the real walk between two worlds, but also a great shock to the audience.