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1.with style 樣式

2.emission 放射 related to與有關

4.frustrated 挫敗的




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    1.The celebrity expresses her emotions with a style of her own.

    2.The emissions of radio signals was interrupted by a power failure

    3.She claims she is related to royalty.

    4.She is substantially frustasted at/with her failure.

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    你好!withstyle 樣式→1. This gardenhas so many with styles of flower that you could find red, yellow or ivory andblue one there. 這個花園有很多種花,所以你可以發現紅、黃或乳白及藍色的花在這兒。2. Sorry about that we don’t have this kind of with style youneed, but you can find it in the store on the left side of Park Avenue. 不好意思,我們沒有你要得款式,不過你可以在公園大道的左側的店中找到。3. I think this with style of dress which is peach with whitedot is suitable for you. 我覺得這件蜜桃色妝點著白點點的洋裝很適合你。 emission 放射→1. It is clear that consumers can’t reply on hands-free kits toreduce radiation emissions. 很明顯,顧客不行依靠免提設施減少輻射。2. Cars would put the emission of carbon dioxide into theatmosphere, so we should take buses or trains in stead of driving. 車子會排放二氧化碳至大氣中,因此我們應該藉由搭乘公車、火車來取代開車。3. Emissions of green house gases are produced while we areburning fossil fuel. 當我們在燃燒石化燃料,產生了溫室氣體的排放。

    be related to與有關→

    1. Human biological rhythmsare related to the natural cycle of day and night. 人的生理時鐘與晝夜的自然循環有關。2. Much ofthe crime in this area is related to drug abuse. 這一地區的許多犯罪都與濫用毒品有關。3. In thefuture, pay increases will be related to productivity. 以後,薪水的增加將和業績掛勾。

    frustrated 挫敗的→1. Van Gogh was a frustrated artist before he died, however hispaintings are famous and high-priced now. 梵谷生前是位不得志的藝術家,然而現在她的畵既著名又昂貴。2. It is bad for one to be in low spirits when he/she isfrustrated. 一遇挫折,就鬧脾氣,這樣不好。3. There is nothing can make you feel frustrated, cheer up. 沒有什麼可以讓你感到氣餒,加油。

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