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After some consideration, using what I supposed must be the toaster’s onboard computer, I devised a strategy for rescue. I began to familiarise myself with my new body: the grill, the bread bin, the speaker and the spring mechanism. Through the device’s rudimentary eye – with which it served its creations – I could see the internal telephone on the wall. Aiming carefully, I began propelling slices of bread at it. The toaster was fed by a large stock of the stuff, yet as more and more bounced lamely off the phone, I began to fear its exhaustion.Toasting the bread before launch proved a wiser tactic. A slice of crusty wholemeal knocked the receiver off its cradle, and the immovable voice of the reception clerk answered. Resisting the urge to exclaim my unlikely predicament, I called from the table: “I’m having a bit of trouble up here, Room 91. Could you lend a hand?”“Certainly, sir. There’s a burst water pipe on the floor above, I suppose I’ll kill two birds with one stone and sort you out on the way,”The clerk arrived promptly, leaving his “caution, wet floor” sign in the corridor. He came in, surveying the room in his usual dry, disapproving fashion. I spoke immediately, saying I was on the intercom, and requested that he simply press the large button on the machine before him. “This one, sir?” he asked, and before I could correct him, the room was filled with a terrible, whirling light, and he fell to the ground.A minute later he stood up again, uncertainly, and began moving in a manner that can only be described as a waddle. The duck, meanwhile, was scrutinising the flat with an air of wearied distaste. I gazed at the scene with dismay. Suddenly an idea struck the clerk, and with avian glee he tottered towards the window. I spluttered a horrified warning to no avail. He leapt triumphantly from the balcony, spread his “wings” and disappeared. I would have wept, but managed only to eject a few crumbs.

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    002 ★★★☆☆(馬馬虎虎)


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    經過一番的考慮使用我的什麼必須是烤麵包機的機載電腦,我設計了救援的戰略。我開始熟悉自己新身體: 在烤架、 麵包盒、 揚聲器和彈簧機構。通過設備的初級眼 — — 它充當其創作 — — 我看內部電話在牆上。我開始推進片面包看仔細的目標。烤麵包器助長了大量到的東西,但隨著更多跛行反彈電話,我開始擔心其用盡。

    烘烤麵包前推出證明是一種明智的策略。一片暴躁的全麥撞掉其的底座接收機和接待處職員的不動產的聲音回答。抗歎道: 我不大可能的困境的衝動,我打電話給表中:"我有一點麻煩在這裡房間 91年。你能借一隻手嗎?"


    立法會秘書及時,到在走廊裡離開他"謹慎、 濕的地板"的標誌。他進來了,測量他照常幹,反對在房間裡。我立即,說說我對這對講,並要求他只需按大按鈕在他面前的電腦上。"這一個,先生?"問,我可以糾正他之前在房間裡彌漫著一種可怕的、 旋轉的光,他倒在地上。

    一分鐘後他再次、 不確定性,站了起來,開始只作為一個 waddle 所述的方式移動。同時,在的鴨審核帶著疲倦的厭惡的單位。我凝視著沮喪地現場。一個想法突然間覺得,立法會秘書和禽著他蹣跚向視窗。我臉紅嚇壞了的警告,不起作用。他從陽臺上勝利躍、 展開他的翅膀,消失了。我哭了將了,但只設法彈出了兇悍。