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我英文很破= =




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  • 9 年前

    one of the things we'd like to talk about with our pitching students is posture. adn what we like to do is trying to get our students into very athletic posture so that their head and and nose are almost over their balls and their toes. this is very important when we talk about going on speed pitches and throwing a great distances on a ninety foot field. and as you can see here just a little bit of change this student's posture is going to greatly affect his release point. he has some trouble throwing high and outside pitches to right handed batters.and as you can see when he gets to his ball release. he's gonna be in a very different position. the one on the left is the posture is what we prefer them not to be in. and you can see that his shoulders are much more tilted. he's got a 45.9 degree angle where as in this one his shoulders are not quite as tilted at about 32 degrees. this other thing that's very important is when we draw this line from his front knee. his head is very close to the front line. we actually want his head to be as close to that yellow line as we see here. and this one he's quite a bit to the right to the front line. His glove hand is also in a much better position. from here that's a little to far away from his body, and here is a little bit closer. so you couple all of these things together, what you get is you get a much better delivery, a more consistent delivery. and the ability to locate the ball a lot better.

    首先,他是說右邊的才是正確的.影片裡住要說投球姿勢肩膀的傾斜角度以32.6度為佳,待手套的手盡量靠身體,黃線代表頭,鼻子與膝蓋要盡量在一條垂直線上,這樣才會有穩定的控球. 這些字都很簡單,花點時間查一查不難了解的.


    參考資料: jim
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