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還有 "派對"的英文可以都告訴我嗎??拜託^o^

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  • 9 年前

    請問 "搭公車" 的英文要怎寫啊?

    指運輸方式時是抽象名詞: take bus

    例: You guys can drop me here and I will take bus to reach the zoo.

    你們在這裡讓我下車就可以了, 我會搭公車到動物園.

    How do you go there? Drive or take bus?

    你們要怎麼去? 開車還是搭公車?

    指具體路線或種類時是普通名詞: take a xxx bus

    非為特定公車時: take a bus

    例: I can take a No. 232 bus to get to Luzhou. (加a) = I can take Bus No. 232 to get to Luzhou. (不加a) 我可搭232公車到蘆洲去. To go to Kaohsiung, it is more comfortable of you to take a luxurious bus.要去高雄, 你搭豪華遊覽車會比較舒適.

    When I take a bus to school, I usually take a nap aboard.

    每當我搭公車上學時, 我通常會在車上打個盹兒.

    搭捷運 take MRT; take subway

    搭太空船 take a space boat

    可愛的 lovely

    回家 go home; home

    走路 walk/walking; on foot

    氣球 baloon

    搭汽車 take a car; by car

    機器人 a robot

    玩具車 a car toy; a toy car

    電動玩具 electronic games; powered toys

    抱歉 sorry

    派對 party

    參考資料: Cavalier精心解答
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  • 9 年前

    take a bus 是一個片語,如果真要按文法,take bus 是不對的,

    正如 cavalier 所言,用搜尋的方式找到的答案也許很多,但不一定對!

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  • 9 年前


    "take bus"帶引號搜尋又1,830,000筆

    但因為cc大不認同, "take bus"就不是英文, 還賞了負評. 哇哩咧!

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  • 9 年前



    Ride the bus.


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  • 9 年前

    cavalier 的解答真"驚新"啊!


    乾脆寫 I fly with a bus

    搭公車 是 take bus?

    乾脆寫 ta gong che

    take a No232 bus?

    乾脆寫 ta gong che er san er

    I am busing home?

    what about "I am gong che-ing home"

    2011-02-11 20:40:04 補充:

    Well.. fair enough you stay in America. We don't live in America, we won't understand. But "to take bus" that's just Chinglish.

    2011-02-12 01:09:14 補充:

    When you can do good English, of couse Chinglish is very new to you. Yes, I did put Take a bus or Take the bus as the acceptable form. Not Take bus, which is not English at all and To bus, that's not understood by the rest of the world.

    2011-02-12 01:11:36 補充:

    I do apologise for my previous comment. But people should stop using American slangs. This is the Internet, not some local American community.

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  • MB.WPG
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    9 年前

    Take a bus or to bus


    I am going to take a bus home, or I am busing home.

    2011-02-11 17:08:09 補充:

    I don't know other places. At least in the city I am staying I am busing...... is a very common way to use.

    2011-02-11 17:14:48 補充:

    "bus" is also a verb

    Please check:

    2011-02-12 00:17:43 補充:

    Really? That's new to me cause people do say "take a bus" in Canada. Thanks

    2011-02-12 13:39:30 補充:

    Well, since "to bus" as a verb which is shown on oxforddictionaries, I don't think this is just an American slang. Since I have no problem to use "to bus" to some British friends, I believe it is understandable.

    2011-02-12 13:44:00 補充:

    According to morphological rules, almost 90% nouns can be verbs as well. Depends on how you use it. Bus can be either a noun or a verb depends on a speaker's linguistic competence and mental grammar. In word formation, it is called "zero conversion".

    2011-02-12 13:47:51 補充:

    The only change is "to bus"s lexical category, but the meaning is totally the same. I believe that all native speakers will have no problem to understand.

    I am not trying to fight or argue. I am just stating my thought.

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