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    all of a sudden they were physical and they not and they back to physical and they not, and you know move according to and through into the dimension to this hard to live in the physical, but, that hasn't happened for years and years and years and years, and the point I'm making is that this Ascension is the most rudderless belief that exist, that in two thousands and twelfth the Ascension will take place and anyway what so ever, because we're in a physical manipulatory this is how it is it is where you are, this is where you will remain even in death, now understand that I created, I designed the physical I created the inter dimension, two thousands twelfth is just but a interesting creation by yourself, I did not create that, no, I create what is here the physical, the human, the animal, the nature, the planets, the stars, the inter dimension death, life, love, hate, joy, sadness, suffering, pain, starvation, beliefs, religions, kiss, two thousands and twelfth is an interesting illusion, behind which you hide, you're in fear, actuarially you don't have to fear, and exist a point where you are attempting or trying to escape from this reality, this world, from what you must and you'll face, so I'm raining on your braid and saying I have made sure that there will be no extinction in two thousands and twelfth, you are stuck in this world and this reality and so you will remain, until you face what must be faced. thank you.






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    這最好叫做短= =

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