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拾荒老人 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

中翻英 請幫我翻這段英文(急)

赫絲特‧普林是一位年輕貌美的少婦,她的先生乞林沃斯是一位畸形、偽善、博學的老醫生。不久,乞林沃斯無故失蹤,在一次因緣際會下,赫絲特和當地一位年輕牧師丁米司兌爾相識相戀,最後這段戀情還是曝光。 赫絲特接受所有的懲罰,在入獄及在刑台上示眾之後,還必須在胸前佩帶代表恥辱的紅色字母A,而這個符號將終身跟隨她。 赫絲特在刑台上示眾當天,失蹤多年的乞林沃斯出現在廣場上。同時在他心中隱藏了一個復仇計畫,他誓言找出那個共犯。最後終於發現丁米司兌爾牧師就是那個共犯,於是他開始展開惡毒的報復行動。 另一方面,丁米司兌爾牧師歷經了七年的精神折磨之後,他終於向世人坦承他所犯的罪。


請幫我翻這兩段 卸卸

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  • 9 年前

    第1段:Hesite ‧ Purin is a young pretty young married woman, her husband begs the forest wass is one abnormal, hypocritical, learned senior doctor. Soon, begs the forest wass to be missing for no reason, under a cause opportune moment, Hesite and local young pastor Ding Misi exchanges the acquaintance to love one another, finally this section of affections expose. Hesite accepts all penalties, in is put in prison and exposes to the public after the punishment stage, but must in the front wear represents the shame red letter A, but this mark will follow lifelong her. Hesite exposes to the public the same day on the punishment stage, is missing many years to beg the forest wass to appear in the square. Meanwhile hid a revenge plan in his heart, his pledge discovers that accomplice. Finally discovered finally Ding Misi exchanges pastor is that accomplice, therefore he starts to launch the virulent retaliatory action. On the other hand, after Ding Misi exchanges pastor has had been through repeatedly seven year mental torture, he finally to the common people acknowledged he violates crime. 第2段:In the novel not exchanges pastor to Hesite and Ding Misi to be in love the process to have the inking, but concentrates the influence which description crime's consciousness as well as its brings. And affiliation two lead tragedy's life is expressing to that unreasonable system's disaffection. Looks like in today only sufficiently becomes everybody spare time the Eight Diagrams event, 200 years ago are actually a pile crime do not allow the amnesty to shock everybody the action. The literature response spirit of the age, the author towed the 17th century the moral Confucianism which the people lived to present faithfully successfully, under the ancient and modern comparison, might see the human culture evolution the vein.

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  • 9 年前


    Hester ‧ Spring is a beautiful young woman, her husband, begging Linwo Si is a deformity, hypocrisy, learned of the old doctor. Soon, begging Lin Wosi unexplained disappearances, in a chance encounter, the Hester and a local youth pastor Dingmi Secretary met fell in love against Seoul, and finally this love is exposed. Hester accept all the punishment, imprisonment and in the public display in the scaffold, you must also wear in the chest in red letters on behalf of shame A, and this symbol will follow her for life. Hester said the scaffold all day, missing years of begging Linwo Si appears in the square. At the same time hiding in his mind a plan of revenge, he vowed to find the accomplice. Secretary finally found Dingmi is that an accomplice against the Seoul priest, and he commenced vicious reprisals. On the other hand, Seoul against the priest after Dingmi Secretary psychological torture for seven years, he finally admitted that he committed the crime to the world.


    Hester did not novel and Dingmi Seoul against the pastor of the Division has Zhumo love the process, but on the description of the crime awareness and its impact. And by the two main characters express the tragedy of life dissatisfaction on that unreasonable system. Today it seems only enough to become a staple of gossip events, two hundred years ago, but it is a sin not forgiven the shock move. Literature Response spirit of the times of the seventeenth century succeeded in drawing the morality of people's lives faithful, past and present contrast, is can be seen in the context of the evolution of human civilization.

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